Conveyorized Wash Systems

Conveyorized tunnel systems are capable of washing high volumes of vehicles safely and efficiently in a short period of time. A conveyor is the heart of the following wash models:

Full service wash: includes an exterior vehicle wash that typically includes interior services like vacuuming and window cleaning.

Express Wash: An Express Tunnel Car Wash focuses on washing the exterior of vehicle, and is accompanied by a self-serve vacuum system.

Mini-Tunnel Wash: Mini Tunnel Car Washes have less than 70 feet of wash space and are typically found at convenience stores or gas stations.


Lone Star Car Wash Systems offers complete conveyorized components and equipment exclusively from Motor City Wash Works.

  • Motor City Wash Works

    Motor City Wash Works stands behind their manufacturers guarantee of high quality wash equipment by using structured aircraft grade aluminum. Motor City Wash Works creates equipment that functions easily, while maintaining a low operating cost over the life of the equipment. A reliable conveyor is essential for any successful operation, and the Super Duty Conveyor is exactly that. It is manufactured with features that have been perfected over the years, making it one of the best conveyors in the business!





  • Foaming Kits

    Mr. Foamer foaming kit provides you with arches and CTA Foamers to effectively cover the vehicle with the soapy foam as it proceeds through the wash. These foamers can be added to most existing arches, and will reduce chemical usage while increasing the quality of your wash.

  • Mat Cleaners

    Rhino-Mat is the now the industry leader in automotive floor mat cleaning systems. It is a simple process that gets vehicle mats washed, dried, and ready to go in no time!