Pay Stations

Any automated pay station will provide you with one of the best benefits money can buy, convenience. By allowing use of credit cards, cash, gift cards, and more, automated pay stations create an easy, hassle free experience for the owner and customer. You have the option to create loyalty programs that provide incentives to customers to return to your wash. Appease your customers with custom graphics and a friendly tone to greet and guide them through purchasing their perfect wash. Pay stations provide a controlled flow of traffic with RFID tags and pay gates. Securing revenue has never been easier with these state of the art security systems!

Pay Stations

  • Access PayGlow Illuminated payment System

    (PDQ) PayGlow systems are used with PDQ in-bay automatic systems. Only Access® offers a variety of management systems that meet the operator’s needs. Every model includes a user-friendly interface, credit card processing, reporting capability, Wash Access Loyalty System (WALS), simple interface with access gate and loading system, and remote programmability. Access is a customer management system that offers site integration, marketing flexibility and multiple payment options. No other system offers the same security and built-in payment flexibility.

  • Portal TI - Unitec

    (Unitec) The Portal TI+ Runs off a Sierra Server. It is mainly utilized in tunnel washes and in-bay automatics. With its innovative design, versatile marketing opportunities, remote reporting capabilities and the most complete menu of payment options available in the industry, Unitec’s Portal TI+ offers the most revolutionary technology at the point of entry for any rollover, tunnel or combination car wash systems.

  • Wash Select II - Unitec

    (Unitec) The Wash Select II POS System, is used primarily in in-bay automatic washes. It is a premium entry system for the unattended automatic car wash market. It is the leading car wash entry system for the petroleum market. It’s patented, ergonomically-designed front features daylight-readable LCD displays that effortlessly guide your customers through the car wash payment process while promoting the purchase of upgrades.

Management Systems