Lone Star Car Wash Systems has partnered with EuroVac and J.E. Adams to provide you with the most efficient and effective vacuum solutions for your business. Incorporating a vacuum system into your car wash operation will provide added benefit to your customers and keep them coming back! There are two types of vacuum systems available, and Lone Star Car Wash Systems provides you the best of both!


Central Vacuum System

  • EuroVac

    The Eurovac Centralized Vacuum System is a great fit for everyone’s needs and budget. This superior product is built for consistent use and minimal maintenance. For superior filtration, each Eurovac system has a built in cyclonic separation that is located before the final bag or cartridge filters.

  • Centralized Vac System

    Eurovac manufactures superior products designed to withstand even the toughest of interior cleaning elements. Increase productivity and efficiency by placing vacuum drops where you need them and eliminate the use of production limiting portables. Eliminate breakdowns with our high efficiency industrial-grade motors and superior filtration systems. Helping you keep your equipment ready for use at any moment. Eliminate your worry and concern over cords that can potentially cause dangerous situations when water is on the ground.

  • Drop for Centralized Vac

    Eurovac systems are designed for convenient use by the consumer. We position hanging drop downs on each side of a vehicle location wherever it may be possible. For continuously ran systems, we provide tool hangers for “duck foot” tools. These tools shut off air flow when placed back in the holder. Air hangers are also available to drop for air guns that are used to remove dust from cracks and crannies in dashboards, seats or floorboards.

  • Central Chemical Dispensing System

    The Chemical Dispensing System automatically mixes cleaning chemicals (including a rug shampoo) and pumps chemical to each workstation. The chemical dispensing system is installed in conjunction with a Eurovac I, II, or III industrial-grade pump and induction motor. The hanging or wall mount chemical dispensing workstations are located between each detail bay. Chemicals are applied with dispensing guns attached to 25-40 ft. color coded coiled hoses.

Canister Vacuums

Other Options

  • Air & Water Machines

    J.E. Adams is considered the nation’s largest provider of air and air/water machines.  Each unit is made of high quality stainless steel. Each product is meant to last for decades. Whether you are providing machines as a free service or as a revenue generator, these units will draw attention to your location.


  • Detail Stations

    J.E. Adams detail stations offer fragrance, tire shine, shampoo, and a combination fragrance & spot remover. These units are a profitable and a unique way to draw attention to your site. Any detail station can be wall-mounted or placed on a pedestal, to save you space!