Hotsy pressure washers

Lone Star Car Wash Systems is the proud distributors of Hotsy Pressure Washers in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Hotsy delivers the most rugged and durable pressure washers available. Hotsy pressure washers are backed by an excellent warranty and provide only the highest quality when it comes to performance and safety. For the last 45 years, Hotsy has been the number one name in high-pressure cleaning equipment. Each pressure washer is made with quality parts to ensure the highest possible functionality. Hotsy products are dependable and long lasting, you won’t find a better industrial pressure washer.

Call us today at 1-800-687-2024 to find out current specials and savings on a new Hotsy pressure washer or bring us your current Hotsy pressure washer to find out its trade in value.


Wash equipment

Lone Star Car Wash Systems offers a wide variety of car wash equipment for conveyorized, fleet washes, in-bay automatics, and self-serve washes. In addition to car wash equipment, Lone Star Car Wash Systems carries all ancillary equipment including but not limited to: water softeners, RO Reject/Reclaim systems, automated payment systems, and more!

Lone Star Car Wash Systems prides ourselves on being a one stop shop for all of your car wash equipment needs! We are happy to help build your wash from the ground up or we can remodel any existing wash to get you the newest high quality equipment.



Service programs are available to all of our car wash customers. We provide local service technicians that are able to maintain and fix your equipment, so you don’t have to!

Chemical programs

pressure washersUsing our chemical programs can qualify your car wash for free marketing from select vendors. We currently offer products from: TurtleWax Pro, TopLine, and our own Private Label.

site models


We offer many car wash site models. Some of our most popular include conveyor washes, in-bay automatics and self-serve washes. We also sell and service the equipment for these site models.